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Kitil Farm is a licensed open quarantine which operates in Kenya. We grow and sell high quality bamboo seedlings to individuals, investment groups, NGOs, CBOs, Government ministries and departments, and County governments. We use tissue culture and biotech Kitil Farm is a licensed open quarantine which operates in Kenya. We grow bamboo seedlings from seeds. We have fully a functional bamboo laboratory and a bamboo training centre. Kitil Farm is privately owned and we work in harness with various arms of the government on different projects. We also work closely with specialized private sector companies and consultancies.
We have the following bamboo and tree seedlings:
O. Abyssinica
Dendrocalamus membranaceus
Bambusa longinternode
Phyllostachys pubescens(moso)
Dendrocalamus maximuslamina
Thyrsostachys oliveri

Tree Seedlings
Pinus Kesiya
Sabina chinensis
Other drought resistant trees

The culms of are solid in the lower internodes, and hollow from the upper half to the top of the culm.

Bamboo farming is a lead towards the right direction in the management of the environment;
Bamboo farming integrates economic development and environmental protection;
Ensure Environmental Sustainability (MDG)
Bamboo farming support sustainable livelihood;
Eradicate Extreme Hunger and Poverty (MDG), Achieve Universal Primary Education (MDG)

Advantages of this bamboo:
A plantations of bamboo can be a continuous source of bamboo charcoal briquettes for household cooking to prevent deforestation, firewood for tea factories, pulp for paper industries, hardboard, particle board and pulpwood pipes, crates, fish-traps, horticultural or garden stakes, canoe poles, arrow and spear shafts, leaves as fodder, plants for hedges, windbreaks, erosion control, as ornamental plants, wind-break, soil erosion control and rehabilitation of degraded sites, biomass production, carbon credit for major investors etc.

High volume of quality raw material for building, manufacture of wooden products like tiles and, parquet floors, tooth picks, match sticks, incense-sticks, scaffolding, sleepers, flower/horticultural stands, industrial wood for energy e.g. in tea factories.

We also undertake consultancies to establish large scale bamboo nurseries at investors location. We have established such nurseries in Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania and other countries. This enables the investor to have at own location, the most essential and rarest commodity, the bamboo seedlings, for jam starting a project or for expansion.

Equally, we also undertake international projects relating to the rehabilitation of wasteland, degraded land and mine areas, back to fully functional ecosystem using bamboo. It is well known that bamboo plantations have been used successfully to rehabilitate degraded land back in to productive, fully functioning ecological systems. Indeed, in their natural states, bamboo systems are intermixed with tree, shrub and herbaceous vegetation. This provides valuable habitat for numerous species at the soil and tree layer including spiders, butterflies, birds and other higher life forms. Equally, in it's natural environment, fallen bamboo leaves create natural mulch. The decomposing leaves also recycle useful nutrients, such as Nitrogen and Silica back into the soil. We can convert rocky, sloppy and arid regions into productive grounds with fully functional ecosystem using bamboo. We have the resources! We have the know how! We can deliver!

We have large stock of bamboo seeds, plantlets and seedlings,
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